Video Camera lense at a Day-in-the-Life video shoot

When you invest in a legal video production, you want to work with a producer with experience in conveying the devastating losses that accompany catastrophic injuries. Someone that can put your clients at ease. Someone that can tell their story in a moving and effective manner. This talent cannot be found with a corporate video production house or stenography agency. By focusing on legal video services, we have the skill set you need to create a compelling presentation that increases your client's award.

camera set-up at an interview for a video settlement documentary
Settlement Documentaries

Settlement Documentaries, or Settlement Brochures, are used for either mediation presentations or demand packages. Because the interviews can be construed as hearsay, these videos are not admissible at trial.

These 20-40 minute documentary-style videos contain three distinct sections:

  1. Life before the incident
  2. The incident itself
  3. The damages that resulted

This type of video comprises interviews with your client, spouse, family members, co-workers, friends, treating/expert physicians, economists and life-care planners. The finished product is a portrait, told through several anecdotes, of where your client was in their life/family/community/career before the incident, what life is like now, and what the fears and realities are for the future.

The video will also include current video of your client navigating through the activities of daily living, various therapies and home modifications. Home video footage or photos of your client, pre-incident, are added for a powerful contrast of lifestyles. Any existing news footage or hospital photos can also be added for further impact. Each video is tailored to the case's needs.

Wrongful Death Videos

Wrongful Death Videos can be used for either mediation presentations or demand packages. Because the interviews can be construed as hearsay, these videos are not admissible at trial.

These 20-25 minute documentary-style videos contain three distinct sections:

  1. The decedent's life before
  2. Accounts of the fatal incident or medical misdiagnosis
  3. The damage to the family members left behind and the struggles to move forward

This type of video comprises interviews with the surviving spouse, children, family members, co-workers, friends, experts and psychiatrists. The finished piece is a documentary-style portrait, told through several anecdotes, of where your client was in their life/family/community/career before their untimely death, the struggles with the loss, and concerns for the future. These videos tend to focus more on the damages rather than the liability.

This video can also include pre-existing home video footage, photos of the decedent, existing news footage, police reports and any accident animation that can be provided.

Day-in-the Life Videos

Day-in-the-Life videos can be used for both trial and settlement purposes. These videos can also be incorporated into a Video Settlement Brochure.

These 15-20 minute videos show the physical struggles your client endures on a daily basis, including: getting out of bed in the morning; performing simple tasks, such as grooming and putting on certain items of clothing; wheelchair transfers; navigating the home or nursing care facility; getting in and out of vehicles, and undergoing various therapies. These videos can also capture and quantify any modifications that need to be made, or have already been made, to the home.

This video may be narrated live by your client or expert at trial. The final video will contain ambient sound only. On occasion, the sound will not be admissible and will need to be edited out.

Audio/Visual Depositions

Video depositions are recorded according to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and are shot digitally to ensure high quality and easier editing capabilities. Quality audio is captured with individual lavaliere microphones and a mixer. A continuous date/time stamp is encoded in the original recording. A backdrop is provided. Copies are available in a multitude of formats such as DVDs, MPEG-1, or video synched with a transcript.

Mock Exams

Have a client who is a little nervous about testifying? Maybe they get a little combative when asked tough questions? Or maybe they don't appear confident enough in their answers?

Then you should consider doing a mock exam with them. You would play opposing counsel and spend an hour or so asking the questions you anticipate being put forward during the cross exam. It is recommended that you try to imitate the questioning style of opposing counsel so your client can get a real feeling for what they will experience on the stand.

Afterwards you and your client can review the footage so they can see firsthand how they will appear to a jury and what they need to correct in order to appear more confident and credible.

This is a tool used frequently by defense counsel and is seeing an increase in popularity with plaintiffs' attorneys.

Internet/ Website Videos

It is essential to maintain a strong web presence in order to increase business. Adding videos to a site's home and bio pages is an integral part of SEO and SEM strategies. By making the site more interactive, a potential client will get a better sense of your firm's people and philosophies. It will aid in higher conversion rates because the site becomes sticky, brand identification is more pronounced and the chances of a front page Google result increase up to 50%.

We will work with you in concept and script development to ensure that you get your message across in an engaging manner. We will create logo animations and help you select music that will enhance the message you are trying to send potential clients. After completion, we can create a YouTube or Vimeo channel so you can upload the videos to your site.

Still not convinced? This article by Giselle Abramovich will give you 15 additional facts that support adding video to your site.

Editing Services

We offer a wide variety of editing services, including editing of depositions, photo montages, and surveillance video enhancement; extracting still images from video; and adding subtitles to video or audio.

Digital editing allows you to make smooth and precise cuts, easily add transitions and make further changes simple, while maintaining the quality of the original footage. The final product can be delivered on a DVD or digital files.

Additional Legal Video Services

Do you have a project not mentioned specifically above? Not a problem. We also provide:

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